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We're not the biggest, we're just better.

About Us

Powermax Signage brings more than 15 years of experience in the design, manufacture, print and installation of high-quality indoor and outdoor signage to your project, no matter your budget, job size or even location.
Our inhouse large format print machinery and laser cutting machines means that we are able to execute any job 24 hours a day, no matter what your deadline may be and because we are not reliant on a third party to produce your job, our pricing is unmatched.

What began as a small signage company, has grown into one of the country's number one specialists of high-impact indoor and outdoor branding. We offer bespoke shop front installations for retailers, banks, new vehicle dealers and corporations throughout South Africa.

As a direct result of our attention to detail, unparalleled timeous execution and cost savings approach, we are the preferred print and branding partner for a number of leading South African corporations who wholly rely on Powermax to execute a nationwide marketing or branding rollout throughout all their branches, partners and franchises.

Whatever the budget, we make your vision a reality! Our unique savings programs and industry-leading warranty on offer, will save your company time and money in installation and maintenance costs.

So, if you are looking for a no nonsense and headache free partner to manage your project from concept through installation and maintenance, look no further than Powermax.
We are on site, whilst the rest are sound asleep!

To be ready for you 24 hours a day and execute your vision in the most impactful way. We pride ourselves in our ability to handle every phase of your project; from creative conceptualisation, design, fabrication, installation and quality control measures throughout, your project never leaves our sight, allowing you to enjoy a hassle free project.

Building a reliable, and long-term partnership, built on trust with each client no matter the project size, budget or location.
We believe in providing a level of service that is personal, where you can look any of our project managers in the eye whilst we nudge elbows and discuss your project.

Why Choose Us

We make great signs, offer exceptional service, triple check all the artwork prior to print and value your time. We have streamlined our contract and proposal process to eliminate unnecessary presentations and sales talk. No matter the size of your project, we can go from the initial meeting to sending you a detailed proposal by yesterday!

 Every website designed for our clients is an individual attempt to meet and exceed their requirements while maintaining the highest quality of the product. At Powermax Web Services, we do not like mediocrity.

We approach each client individually and we undertake exclusively those challenges, which enable us to perform at the highest level.

During the years of working together with clients, we have learned that clients form a part of a bigger team that helps bring out the best creativity from the web & signage designing project.

We love what we do. Every project is made with passion and engagement. Our work profits so we can make yours and our dreams come true, and find even more inspiration for our future designing work.


Branding is the basis on which consumers perceive your company. It is the collection of emotions and ideas that are evoked when consumers think about your business. A brand is at its most effective when every aspect of the business is consistent and works together towards the same set of core values. It unifies your company image and can elevate your company from being a simple business to being an industry leader.

The importance of branding cannot be overstated. It is the personality of your company and what sets you apart from your competitors. If no one branded themselves, the only companies that would get any business would be the best in the industry and the cheapest. Introducing branding into the mix muddles the definitions of best and cheapest. It raises questions such as, what defines best, the materials used or the skill of the worker? Or what constitutes cheapest, the lowest cost option or the most cost-effective?

To decide how healthy your brand is, step out of your ‘business owner’ responsibilities and take a look at your company image as a consumer. What do you see? If any of the following points describe your company, you need Powermax:
• No company image exists
• Branding in the company is not consistent
• Branding does not reflect the size or professionalism of the company
Call us. Let us help you create a brand that builds awareness and engenders loyalty. Your company needs a brand to stand out in the marketplace. Let us show you how.

A brand is a company image that you want to use for life. In the long run, the amount spent on creating a company brand is a drop in the bucket compared to the marketing mileage you can leverage from it. What happens, however, if times change and it just looks ‘old’? Brand re-imagining is the art of taking an already established brand and modernizing it to be more expressive and powerful. Brand re-imagining is done in two different ways:

1.) We can retain the basic elements of a current logo and create a new image with the same overall effect

2.) We can modernize the elements around the logo and create a new impression.

In both cases, we keep what is still working and build on them until a newer, more successful, more modern, re-imagined brand emerges.